I'm Suyash Gupta!

I'm a CSE undergraduate student at UCET(BTU), Bikaner.
I’m interested in stuff related to Open Source, Python, Data Scraping - processing and entrepreneurship. I also like to write content and make new things that cater to people’s demands.

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Things I Can Do

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Data Analysis (pandas, matplotlib)

Web Scraping and Browser automation (requests, bs4, selenium)

Machine Learning (sklearn)

Deep Learning (Keras)

Flask, Flask-restful

C and C++

Search Engine Optimization

Content Writing


Curious about my Education, Experience?

I lead my team to win the 2nd position a Hackathon at Shankra Institue, Jaipur in Feb 2020.

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Want to see my projects?

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More of me

What do I like?

  • Checkin' out latest tech
  • Debates, Extempores
  • PC Games: GTAV, CSGO, As. Creed
  • Sports? Just Badminton
  • Chai and Coffee
  • Mobile Photography
  • Reading and Writing on Quora and Reddit

No one knows this about me...

I have a black belt in Karate and have won several medals in District-level competitions in Jaipur.
However, Left that a long time ago.